With one decade of experience in operating group & private tours, supplying various travel products & services for both passengers & other agencies in Iran, Galactic Travel has become travel service provider for a lot of public & private organizations & also a trusted B2B service supplier for many travel agencies.


Start and continue your Galactic Travel experience with trust. We guarantee to provide reliable services & products with appropriate prices. We know what our customers need and it’s our honor to supply products & services for many major agencies. Galactic Travel paves a sustainable way for you to get access to all you need.


Galactic Travel works with many major private & public organizations such as Iran Cultural Heritage and Tourism Investment Group Co. (SEMEGA), Tourism Bank, Iran Insurance Company, Mahan Mines and Industrial Development Co. (MACMID), Tehran Chamber of Commerce, etc. our relations is based upon trust & mutual interests.


Any time of the day, even on holidays, any problem or inquiry occurs, you can call the support team & get help. A team of experts are ready to answer your questions & follow up until your problem is solved. The support is real & never-ending. Upon purchasing a product, you join our network & the journey begins; “you’ll never walk alone.”


Travel with Galactic Travel gives you an authentic one-of-a-kind experience of the destination. Our aim is to make everything exceptionally memorable & genuinely enjoyable. Your comfort & joy is our priority. Travel with Galactic Travel once, & you will always travel galactically!


Galactic Travel has collected a wide range of first grade products. Our R&D team works hard to dynamically update this collection in order to empower the company to meet any customer need, whether in B2B or B2C market. Various accommodation options in top destinations, dozens of choices to fly across the world & numerous options for other services are maintained to keep up with market demand.


Galactic Travel has an in-house team of IT experts, talented young minds in combination with experienced specialists who keep on their continuous effort to provide the system with up-to-date innovative solutions. This team not only meets any demand in our system, but also develops effective IT solutions for our B2B customers to take their businesses to the next level.

Research & Development

Our R&D team constantly keep an eye on domestic & global market to satisfy Galactic Travel’s passion for growth & change. They are always in a non-stop endeavor to discover new horizons in tourism market. These efforts does not finish here, the team also processes gathered data to create innovative solutions both for our own system & other agencies. Honorably, we are always ready to share this solutions on the basis of mutual interests.

Up-to-date Processes & Services

Galactic Travel R&D team works in close connection with the IT team to keep processes, solutions, products & services updated. We are always in search of new & unsaturated markets. In addition, the team works & studies to create innovative solutions to set up successful plans for such markets.


We have cooperated with travel agencies for years and we have built strong connections with them. These connections, along with detailed market studies & frequent surveys on domestic & global markets, have granted us a good insight of tourism market. We know what you need & we constantly work on it.

Full Stock

Galactic Travel’s stock covers flight tickets from all major domestic (iranian) international airlines on the basis of bilateral agreements. We have guaranteed more than two hundred tickets per month. Hotel rooms in top destinations worldwide & train tickets in Iran & Europe are fully available in the same way.